Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Quote Unquote

I like this quote.

Anu Aga, ex Chairperson, Thermax, to Shekhar Gupta in NDTV's Walk The Talk (and reprinted in The Indian Express today):

"Without breathing you and I can't live, but if you ask me what is the purpose of my life and if I say breathing, it is such a narrow way to define it."


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15 October, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

if there's another thing Anu Aga says without saying (and not just at CII meets etc), it's this. Beauty is beauty with or without youth.

So what is she saying without saying here? Hazarding a guess...tis still about breathing, in a sense, but to broaden "live", don't dot the first vowel, turn it into an 'O'.

01 August, 2005  

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