Friday, October 29, 2004

Telly Tamasha - 29/10/04

> Indian Idol
Did any of you see all the new shows that debuted yesterday? I wanted to catch Paris Hilton's A Simple Life, but the Haryana Vidyut Board ensured my curiosity remains piqued and not satiated. Instead, at about 10.30 p.m. I managed to catch a few glimpses of Indian Idol. This is one show that I feel will click. And I have to say, since I've started tracking TV, I haven't been terribly wrong. After watching the first episodes of each of these shows, I wrote that they won't/may not click.
> Kahin Na Kahin Koi Hain - Madhuri Dixit's TV debut on Sony
> Shekhar Suman's avtar of Movers & Shakers on Zee
> Love Story on Zee
> Dekho Magar Pyar Se on Star Plus
> Karishma on Sahara
> Malini Iyer on Sahara

And with Indian Idol, inspite of the overdose of reality and the same staged expressions of joy and sorrow, there's something that I think will make it work. One is the backing of Fremantle which is the original producer of the show, and has ensured the winning formula is replicated with alarming levels of success in in every country, and the second is that India is music obsessed. We love music -- all forms of it -- we communicate through music. The third is that this show unlike Popstars etc is actually cutting across class by giving even a sweeper a chance to try his luck at becoming an Indian Idol. And there is really something in seeing someone genuinely talented able to prove his/her mettle without being subjected to the usual embarrassment, ridicule and rejection that he/she would have to face had they tried their hand at the regular route -- knocking on the doors of music directors/record lables etc.
Plus Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik and Farah Khan make a good team. While Sonu speaks less, praises more, Malik does a muted version of Simon Cowell. yesterday he told a girl she was beautiful, had beautiful eyes and a beautiful voice and had made it to the next level, but, he added: "your voice doesn't move me". Watch the show, it should be an interesting journey. And I think, one thing that reality shows are doing rather well is actually bringing in front of our eyes a live survey of the Indian youth -- how it dreams, aspires, and as was shown in the Musafir itme Bomb hunt -- what lengths it will go to achieve stardom and money; the new currency the younger generation understands and relates to.

K serials
> Saw some of the K serials last night. For one, whoever is designing Kashish's clothes in Kahiin To Hoga, is finally getting it right. You can't show someone from such an affluent family with such pathetic taste in clothes all the time. Now, some of her saris are actually attractive, inviting further scrutiny. I think Ekta Kapoor has taken on board someone else (apart from her masi) to design the clothes for some of her shows. Now the criticism. Why doesn't Balaji realise that it has cross serial viewers (not to be confused with cross dressers please). And that it's quite stupid to see one set as Molly's drawing room in Shimla (in Kahiin To Hoga) and then see the same set just after, as a drawing room in K Street Pali Hill, set in Mumbai..

> Ekta seems to be using Parvati as her mouthpiece
I also think Ekta is increasingly using Parvati in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii as her mouthpiece for progressive views. So while they live in a joint family, most of the couples in Kahaani have only one child and do not propagate the more-kids-the-better-for-business. Two. She encourages daughter Shruti to work. Three. She encourages the daughter to also walk out of a bad marriage and is very cut up with her husband for putting indirect pressure on the daughter to resettle with the same man. Four. She is the only one who has tried to explain to others in the family (like Shilpa) that you cannot hope to instill any amount of discipline by following your teenaged daughter to college. If you don't befriend your child, you are working towards a hopeless future. Five. Again the only one in the family to support Krishna when he wants to give up the family business and instead, become a filmmaker. Let the children follow their dreams is her advice.

More TV reviews on A Simple Life and the other new shows on Star World, soon.....


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

No, saw just one tamacha on the telly.

Made quite a sight. Made me also wonder what the Americans/British think of all this 'glocal-ization' of ideas. Is there anything global they might have learnt too?

Have they watched mass market goings-on beyond their own borders carefully enough? Or are these marketers and showmen so taken by their own self-projections that they miss the fizzy power of a '5' proposition as scripted in Hindi?

Has everyone thought hard enough?

01 November, 2004  
Blogger randomguru said...

get a life woman....whats with the telly love?

02 November, 2004  
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