Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Diana Hayden & Kaizad Gustad

What is wrong with Diana Hayden? After staying away from mainstream Bolylwood, pursuing an acting course at RADA, she comes back home, tests the waters in Tehzeeb, and then goes on to act in Ab Bas. I haven't seen the film but according to the reviews I haven't missed anything. On top of that, she makes comments about how she's not happy with the publicity and that an emotional film has been depicted as a skin show. To make matters worse and to possibly alleviate her insecurity, she hopes to hog the limelight by saying that 50 per cent of men in India are characterless. Now that statement has of course landed her in a soup because a Delhi-based lawyer has sued her in court. Somehow, I didn't expect a Miss World like Hayden to get involved in something like this...
Reminds me, her one-time boyfriend Kaizad Gustad has resurfaced... documenting the ASEAN rally. He says the media made him a scapegoat in the Nadia Khan case. Why does everybody love to hate the media? Because the media points a mirror up at them? Anyway, he says the matter is subjudice and hence, his lips are sealed, but one day he will speak, and then there will be a lot to write about. He even hinted at a book. One autobiography that should be interesting to read. So if he continues on his roller-coaster adventure trip through life in the name of literary pursuit., I don't mind. As long as no one gets killed.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

A writer with no extraordinary experiences, sensations, emotions, thoughts, explanations, hypotheses etc to share would excite little interest. Writers need to live interesting lives, even if vicariously. But yes, so long as nothing goes awry.

30 November, 2004  
Blogger Jabberwock said...

Why does everybody love to hate the media? Why don't you visit the desimediabitch blogsite? Sent you a link to it earlier in the day.

30 November, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diana Haydn & John Abraham ...

... didja mean by any chance?

10 March, 2005  
Anonymous popout said...

Di sure is into interesting stuff on TV, but the lady who has really scorched her way ahead (ever since she attracted big-bang attention with a ad that went 'aur ek ho jaye'), is... young Ms Sherawat.

Ad-sprung, she is. Like Ash's TV pledge of her eyes (before HDDCS, Devdas n all)... in defiance of the nasties.

And who says nothing good's ever written bout her? How's this, for example... !!

DO NOTE: media often clobbers the well-intentioned only because it does not understand the real issue or real symbolism (rusty old templates are still in operation).

25 May, 2005  
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Blogger Blog World said...

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21 November, 2005  
Anonymous market watcher said...

Brand character applies to stars as much as inanimate brands. has anyone done a semiotic survey of sportswear brand logos?





may unwrap something interesting about the consumer's mind

30 November, 2005  
Anonymous market watcher said...

The Sophie Dahl ad for Opium perfume (YSL) that was banned in the UK was to my mind in keeping with the brand character.

Literary pursuit or cinema, great brands of tomorrow are those that dare -- for a purpose

30 November, 2005  
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