Friday, November 26, 2004

Telly and Movie Tamasha Nov 24

I have so many things to comment on today but the funniest thing I've read has been Gurinder Chadha telling Subhash K. Jha (in an interview posted on that critics in India have called the music in Bride and Prejudice cheesy. Just read what she says: "I think the Americans would get the point much more readily. In India some critics seem to be looking at a different picture. They think the music is cheesy. But that's how it was meant to be! I could've got Elton John to do the music. But I wanted Anu Malik."
Oh God! Now Anu Malik, the presiding head of the three-memeber jury for India Idol, is not going to be too pleased about this. Imagine you've shouted it out loud that you've done a cross-over film, and you even had a part in it which sadly was edited out, and then you hear that you were hired not for your outstanding work in films like Border, but alas, because your cheesy quotient is high!!
Secondly, Chadha is convinced her film will do better in the US where film-watching is a habit. However, she only needs to look at the play Bollywood Dreams which did far better in the UK than in the US. In the UK a lot of the jokes and digs, pretty much Bolly centric, were understood because the audiences have a fair appreciation of the Indian culture, however, in the US, not only did Meera Syal have to rework the script, the play itself got pretty bad reviews, so why in the world does Ms Chadha think her movie will fare better in the US? I don't know. Also, I haven't seen it yet, which is why I'm only commenting on her comments and not on the movie per se.

> Missed Koffee with Karan. Has anyone figured out when the rerun is? Going by Poonam Saxena's column in HT and the fact that the show made it to our lunchroom table (and I did not initiate the conversation), I'd say the show should do well. A great way to figure out how a show is going is to gauge the buzz around it. Forget TAM; if people ain't talking about it, it ain't happening. Which is why I think Zoom needs a rethink about its content. What it needs to do more of is the stuff others don't have access to. The Bombay Times 10th anniversary party for example; yeah sure, no one else can cover it in such detail (not even NDTV's Night Out) so why not capitalise on that kind of content. They also had a party in Page 3 where TV stars boogeyed the night away. nandu of Jassi fame was grroving on the dance floor with Pari; now sure that kind of stuff would make the channel stand out. I'm still watching Star One and continue to like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Instant Kichadi etc, The Great Indian Comedy Tamasha etc.

> We really are spoiled for choice these days. While I missed Koffee with Karan (fri evening 10 pm star world) and Style Mantra (Malaika interviews Kareena on Sahara One Sat or Sun afternoon sometime), I did see Powerr Trip (not a spelling mistake; that's how it's spelt) with Shobhaa De on Sahara One on Sunday afternoon. The guest was Kumarmangalam Birla and the episode was very interesting, particularly in the light of recent developments in the Ambani's personal domain. De managed to get Birla to talk about his upbringing in one of India's biggest industrial houses, his relationship with GD Birla, his granddad (who named him) and that he wouldn't like to send his kids to the family-owned school because they would get preferential treatment. He also said he doesn't subscribe to the open-door policy at work because it completely derails his agenda for the day and it has not hign to do with him being unapproachable etc. Good watch.

> Which reminds me, why have filmmakers become so scared of controversy. There's a fantastic subject for a movie just waiting to be explored. The Ambani family saga. It has everyhting. A patriarch who has literally risen from the ashes, attained unbelievavble heights; two sons, one marries a 'power-hungry' woman who knows her midn and the other a rich, pretty filmstar. And finally the brothers are warring. and if I'm not wrong Anil could well pull a Shashi kapoor and say 'mere paas maa hain'. Ok maybe this is an exaggeration but I see a movie script waiting to be written. Same for the Sahara pariwar saga. A potential blockbuster but filmmakers would not dare to take such chances. Sad, when we've had movies like Aandhi (apparently based on Indira Gandhi's life) and Silsila (AB, Rekha and Jaya) so many years ago.


Blogger Nakul said...

I have a post on 'Koffee with Karan' on my blog. I must confess I was rather disappointed, the combination of personalities had _much_ more potential. Next week's episode with Kareena Kapoor on the other hand, promises to be a gaffe-mine.

25 November, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Funny. Crossover films, if they're really crafted for universal appeal, should be the last to give anybody delusions of self-grandeur.

To catch another argument thread, meanwhile...

Yes, 'estranged brothers' has always made gripping cinema. Maa or no maa, this story has millions agog. Like all Indian films, I guess it'll be set to music. And like the new Deewar, the soundtrack will be fraught with relevant notes of the Hindi musical octave, not to mention a debate-format qawaali to round up.

25 November, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Clearly, the thread's been picked up, and woven in by those conscious of such emotional complexities

30 June, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Tis the last two "swars" of the octave that have wowed airwaves

30 June, 2005  

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