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Telly Tamasha Nov 17, 04

Star One sorry Starone sorry *ne (someone asked me if it was Star nee)
> The Sahara group has literally taken the Pepsi-Cola war to TV. First it 'stole' Star One's name and rechristened itself Sahara One from Sahara Manoranjan, then it won the court case when it was sued by Star, and of late I have noticed it even uses a very similar tagline as Starone (that's the way they are supposed to write it), so Sahara has 'Minute Ki Tuning Jamegi' while Star has 'Apni Tuning Jamegi'. Now, of course, it's the battle of content. While Sahara is looking slicker, I don't think too many more people are watching than were earlier. As for Star One, compared to Sahara and Zoom , it does have some watchable programmes. Family Business (a young guy realises, as his dad lies on the deathbed), that he is the scion of an empire that is spread across the underworld (Hades, wasn't it?). Then, there are short stories, a genre Zee, Star and Sony have experiemnted with in various avtars (the name Rishtey comes to mind). This allows the producers to hire good, talented actors for short periods of time, and to -- within a small cast, say three -- tell a good story. So Ek Black Coffee was about two good friends and an extra marital affair between one friend and the other's wife (sounds cheesy but wasn't told so). Instant Khich'a'di (notice the additional a) remains watchable, especially since the family is now raees (rich) and must learn the etiquette and mannerisms of the rich! Remix isn't half bad either though I don't know anyone who says 'D-uhh' as an actual response to a question. Now it isn't one of those channels you should especially tune into, but given your choices among other Hindi shows, it's one of those channels that you don't mind staying tuned into, for a while. I am still interested in seeing what they come up with. Another show I enjoyed was Sarabhai VS Sarabhai. Ratna Pathak Shah plays the sophisticated Mumbai socialite housewife and Satish Shah plays her henpecked husband. The battle lines are drawn between Mrs Sarabhai Senior and Mrs Sarabhai Junior (the younger one's name I forget, she she played Rahul's wife Simran in Sanjivani), with the daughter-in-law always accused of living by her middle class values. This episode was about a cricket match in Mumbai to which the dad-in-law and daughter-in-law wanted tickets but ma-in-law decided she can't bear the thought of middle-class daughter-in-law running like an excited fan into the stadium, and so, refused to organise tickets for her. In response, daughter-in-law organises golgappa eating competition and makes sure dad-in-law falls sick. The sets are also, for a change, very real, unlike the Balaji Rs 2.5 crore charades. They look like someone could actually live there. And the music too is very upmarket. Some shows are like He-Man are playing Britnmey Spears' Toxic in the background while others are playing Madonna! As for Sarabhai... guess sho directs it? Deven Bhojani, the very talented TV actor (played the servant in Dekh Bhai Dekh, and actor in many many shows after that). Two other shows I saw were The Great Indian Comedy Show (mixture of Movers & Shakers, but with different hosts, howevere the scriotwriters seem to be the same as Shekhar Suman's and also Kahaani Poori Filmi Hai, so it's a movie spoof sometimes and a a situation spoof sometimes. Yesterday they had Manini De (Pari in Jassi...) with wires attached to her body. An Abhishek Bachchan lookalike administered an electric shock every few seconds and she moved her limbs in a weird and contorted way. Didn't make sense first, then they told us it was Naach, and suddenly Manini looked just like Antara Mali and she was hilarious.

> Zoom, on the other hand, does not pique my interest at all. Mirchi Top 20 with Yana doing a Helen, a Parveen, a Zeenat is not very exciting and Dangerous, the 'sex' show with Kamal and Samir is the pits. Rather have a show like Friends or Sex And The City where 'sex' is a part of the story and the episodes (as it is in daily life) instead of having a talk show on it (much like MTV Loveline with Cyrus and Malaika), especially a talk show that desperately needs to get its content right. In one section called Sex Files, they bust myths. What was the myth last night? If your partner has sex with an ex flame, it is assumed that the flame is the seducer. This is a myth (clap, clap, clap). It is in fact the ex flame who is single and in all likelihood your partner is the one who has done the seducing.
In which world is this a myth and this answer myth busting? I thought this is what a myth busting session should sound like:
Q. Can I get pregnant by kissing?
A. No. This is a myth. You can't get pregnant by kissing someone.

God, will someone explain to the producer of the show that in relationships (such as the one described above, there can be no rules and myths and fixed norms).

> I don't know what it is about radio, but I like men's voices more than women's voices. Maybe our voices are more shrill and shreak-y and we giggle more, I don't know. But I do know that of the prime time slots, only one is done by a woman. Mirchi has Nitin in the morning and Pallavi in the evening (she's the one); Radio City had Kritika in the morning; she's been replaced by Pratap and there's Mantra in the evening, he replaced Sameep but that was a guy so it's status quo, and red FM has Vijay in the morning and Sachin in the evening. Now I would assume that Delhi has more male drivers and they would prefer a female voice on the radio but obviously this doesn't hold true. Men are obviously more popular as RJs. My favourite: Nitin. Second best: Sachin. Vijay is too old and preachy, especially in his tone and style, but guess they need a Yuri type DJ too, for the older lot. But if you're driving between 8-10, tune into 102.6 AIR FM. They have some of the best English DJs, who talk to you like regular people, they way DJs should. In fcat, AIR can easily splash an ad campaign and cash in on its USP of being the only radio station to play English music.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Sex Files on Zoom's Dangerous reminds me of Ray Parker Jr yodelling "Bustin' makes me feeel gooo-oood..." (a 1980s chartbuster). Except that, as you say, they need to think harder about the 'no rules' bit. The potential in myth-busting is high. Ghosts, fairytales, myths or even lousy old status quoist K-serials... no fixations can survive the gaze of scientific inquiry.

Perhaps myth-busting should sound like an ad for KS:
Q. Does a condom cramp size, self-esteem and satisfaction?
A. No. That's a myth. Used well (imagine: mutual stimulation), a condom can do more than just avert danger.

18 November, 2004  
Blogger Jabberwock said...

you can't get pregnant by kissing?!

19 November, 2004  
Blogger Jabberwock said...

I thought a myth was a female moth

19 November, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cola people should read this blog (Leili, also on blogspot):

Its all about Coca cola !
When u happen to study medicine , there falls the responsibility on your shoulders to warn the family of the very serious effects ( or side-effects? !) of drinking Coke.
I tried hard, I really mean it ! Every time there happened to be a glass of coke on the table , I would give a very great lecture on "How the ingredients harm your health both in short and long run " but no one would give a damn , of course! ,,, Not to forget that I indicated very clearly , that drinking Coke is a very anti-intellectual gesture nowadays, but didn't work,either ...Till, yesterday , when I faced the Same scene
at dinner table ( the glass of coke , I mean ) and I objected ! Which was "over ruled " by Dad , I didn't give up . Instead of lecture, I started telling them the latest rumor I had heard : ... " They( this "they "is always unknown , when it comes to rumors!!) have tracked very dangerous amounts of radioactive materials in the cokes made in Iran , possibly due to some unknown source of Nukes! ( Imagine : Nukes burried in Coke industries !!!!!)... and in spite of my great surprise, they gave up drinking Coke ,right after .. ,, I mean it worked! ... Just when my country stands in the world's second place for consuming Cokes, my family easily gave up drinking Cokes because of the world's most ridiculous rumor !!Unbelievable ! ,,,, It seems that Everything , even coke, is bound to nukes in this part of the world !!

07 January, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

What's behind the veil is always of high interest, be it TV people or others. For all you know, K-serial makers are secretly inspired by Escher's staircase multi-perspective art (eg: Lionel Richie's Angel music video), Lauryn Hill's turntable art (eg: everything video) and the like.

Like head-high beverages (cola, coffee, white-rum whatever), the mystique lies beyond the literal.

A cola aint just a sporty red wrapper, tis what effect it has deep down... over time. A coffee aint just froth,it's slow stimulation. A white spirit aint just a batty visual, it's a sound you cant get outta your head.

The phobia-free do not see demons where there are none.

17 November, 2005  

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