Friday, November 19, 2004

Telly Tamasha - Nov 19, 04

Saw Indian Idol last night. The stage rounds have started. Quite interesting. The first 10 of the shortlisted 30 came on stage. Transformed with the help of a stylist, vocie trained and modulated with the help of musician Raju Singh among others (he has done some 1000 jingles I'm sure apart from tunes for shows including Jassi) and confident courtesy the shortlisting. And the Bongs ruled. Someone explain to me: why are Bengalis so talented when it comes to the arts. Whether it's singing, dancing, creative arts, media, they're just there in huge numbers. Mastermind India: winner two years in a row, Bengalis. India's Child Genius: winner, East India (OK, he's not Bengali but Bihari). And yesterday Indian Idol, full of Bengalis, but the guy who took the cake was Devajit. He stammers while speaking but sings beautifully, but the reason he will stand out in my head is because he dared to challenge Farah Khan, one of the judges. She pointed out that when he sings a low not,e he goes so low you can't hear the word but Devajit, convinced that Farah knew nothing about music, not having had any training in it, told her off. I sing this low note at msuic functions, at college festivals, it's in D-Minor etc etc. Finally Farah gave up but the guy had made his point: perhaps the point that several have been pondering since the show got off the ground. What is a choreographer and one-film-old director doing as the judge for a music talent show?
PS: Sonu Nigam with hair straightened looks like Sanjay Dutt in Rudraksh. Read: atrocious.
PSS: Mini's got a sense of style and a certain charm but Aman Verma needs a stylist pretty bad. yesterday he wore black pin-stripe trousers with a brown crinkled shirt. maybe he wnated to match Mini's yellow crinkled skirt that she carried off rather well with a corset.


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Note? Wait a minute... the sixth note is actually a HIGH note.

25 November, 2004  
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