Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Farooque and family
> Did everyone miss it or did it happen earlier and did I miss it? I'm talking about the photographs of Farooque Abdullah sitting with his daughter Sara and son-in-law Sachin, for fashion designer Ayesha Depala's show. When did they kiss and makeup? Did I miss it? As far as I remember, Farooque and his family did not attend their wedding. As far as I know, it was all a political sham; everyone knew they were OK with it, considering the Abdullahs are not new to having non-Muslim spouses in the house. But no one seems to have commented on it, even in a caption... That's how poor public memory is. And with the other public squabble hogging the limelight... where's the space mentally or in newsprint?

Item girls
> Mumait Khan. heard of her? She's the flavour of the Item season; forget Shefali Zariwala, forget Deepal Shaw. It's Mumait. She starred in Dekh Le (Munnabhai) and is coming in some other videos, including one with Enrique Iglesias. She was recently featured in Sunday Express' Booty Call and was also on We The People, where Barkha Dutt was talking about censorship. And Mumait proudly stood up, displaying her mini skirt, and said 'look at me. This is how girls my age dress. Tomorrow if your daughter wnats tow ear this skirt and go out, what will you say. Plus, if I am OK with it, who is anyone else to decide'. Thundering applause. And then Barkha asked her to what she would go and she said any lengths. 'So pornography, nudity is it OK with you?', asks Barkha. And Mumait says: 'ya, as long as I feel it's OK, I will do it.' And when Barkha told the audience that she was going to star in an Enrique video, Pooja Bhat came to the girl's rescue and said 'it is unfair to haul up this lady here and put her under scrutiny because pornography is a $10 billion industry. And just becase she's doing a video with Enrique it's OK, but if she was doing the same thing in a video with some poor hero here, it's not Ok?'
The girl's got her dad's motormouth genes alright!

> The latest one
Byt the way, mark my words, the next item girl scorcher will be Belarus-born stunner Tatsiana Bokhan. She is the winner of the Musafir Item Bomb hunt. And not only does she very closely resemble Yana, her name too (Tatsiana, which was spelt Tatsiyana by the way, during the contest) is very similar to the Russian model cum item girl. Tatsiana will do her jig with Sanjay Dutt, but goign by her stunning looks and dancing skills she will definitely be an Item Girl to reckon with. Helen must be quite surprsied to see what a big deal is being made of a genre that she once monopolised and while it was then called the vamp, now it's the Item Girl. Also, Item Girls, once they make their mark, are unwilling to do Item numbers. Koena Mitra, for once, wants to do 'meaningful cinema'.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Yeah, squabbles are rarely what they seem. Some are sham. Some symptomatic of circumstances. What sounds and looks like estrangement could have a strong undercurrent (or perhaps counter-current) of repressed emotions that requires a simple cathartic expression.

Some people say dance is self-expression too; so no point being prejudgemental on what's ok and what is not ok. Squat, spill, thrust... etc, it sounds and looks bizarre, but what matters is the dancer's inner motivation, and that separates the real good itme hunt performers.

02 December, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

... (refer to comment on self expression above) on second thoughts, she aint seen nothin yet.

Performances have just reached a new metaphysical plane.

24 June, 2005  

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