Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Musafir film review

OK, before I start this review, anyone who remotely knows me knows that I am a Sanjay Dutt fan, but after seeing Musafir, I want to slap him. OK, extreme yes, but not because he was bad but because (sorry went out for lunch and just got back, so will try and regain the train of thought). What I was saying is that I'm feeling terribly let-down by resident hearth-throb Sanjay because I saw so little of him in the movie. Thank God I didn't pay for the movie (hell hath no fury like a woman scorned). Why was Sanjay just wildly shaking the knife in his hand and showing us how nimble his wrist is and singing Tez Dhar while puffing on his Cohiba? Agreed he's having a ball, with his outlandish costumes which are self-designed, his studded jeans, overcoats, the hooded trenchcoat, his own Harley that he's riding into the Goa sunset but even though I know there are enough people who argue that substance need not override (pardon the pun) style, and Jabberwock is one of them, a movie needs a story. I mean Sanjay Gupta has done a fantastic job of stringing together -- that's what the women are wearing anyway -- several music videos. So while it has some hot numbers, well stylized shots with even a simple highway and a petrol pump acquiring a sexy sepia and blue tone hue, the film just doesn't have a gripping narrative, a given when one sets out to make a thriller. It isn't racy and loses steam... in fact you're just waiting for the action to hot up and Namrata Joshi is right when she says in her review in this week's Outlook that Sanjay Dutt says towards the end (picture khatam aane ko aayee audience ko action mangta) or some such, and this pretty much sums up the film. Dutt has enjoyed singing again (you can see him experimenting with the vocals in Tez Dhar) and he slips into the mafioso role with ease, but you're just waiting to see more of him. I even forget he's in the film. Anil Kapoor could have shaved at least once (we're not used to so much consistency Mr Gupta), and Koena Mitra got a big 'Introducing' in the credits, but her dialogue delivery is so poor, she ought to perfect the item girl routine and stay there. Sameera Reddy has potential -- but if this is the toned Sameera, I shudder to think what the flabby Sameera was) and Mahesh Manjrekar should reconcile to the fact that he's a brilliant actor. I say reconcile because he's said he won't act again and wants to return to directing etc, but he was great as Bali in Kaante and is even better as Luca, a Goan who has lusted after and married his sister in law after his wife catches him trying to rape the sis and dies (commits suicide?) in an accident. This story with its different versions of reality told to Anil could have been exploited and handled much better, but what initially seems like an episode in the overall plot ends up cannibalising the film. You feel this is just incident in Anil's chaotic race against time but realise that this is the entire film. Shakti Kapoor and Aditya Panscholi (yes he seems to have added an s) are completely wasted in their roles. Aditya's looking good and can make a comeback even as his wife Zarina Wahab does her role well in Zee's Tumhari Disha. And in case you even remember, this is the film that conducted that massive Item Bomb hunt across the country. The winner Tatsiana, a Russian, was supposed to do a number with Dutt, but you just see a few seconds of her, dancing alone -- I swear she is not even with Dutt in one frame -- at the end when the credits are rolling. The song? A repeat of Tez Dhar. So while Aditya and Skakti had a good time checking out T&A across the country as judges for the contest, and the entire hunt got the film enough publicity, the poor winner has definitely been given a raw deal.
Other good songs: O Saki... and Ishq Kabhi Kariyo Na


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Don't know about this hunt, but the thorny number in the earlier Sanjay Dutt film you're using as a reference point (quite obviously) was captivating for a simple reason. It was open to artistic interpretation & re-interpretation. "Kismat te kis da zor hai " for example could be powerful either as roadside rhetoric or subliminal suggestion, depending on how fatalistic or non-fatalistic your current outlook is.

Thank poetic ambiguity. Film soundtracks can be pretty heady stuff, if you get into it. Heard a tough guy express fear?

16 December, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Edgy soundtracks always seem to have a sharp justification in market demand... well, the on-edge listenership is always a highly involved listenership (a deep-engagement business, this).

The action here promises to be genuine. No mindlessness, though, hopefully.

29 December, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

.... so surprise surprise, the Dutt character ends up letting Sam save Lucky and clasp each other for dear life etc etc.

Some silly questions:

1. does this mean lucky's sold on the rape not cocktease telling of the sis in law story?

2. does chivalrous lucky take charge of the lady's security (remember how breachable her house barricades are)

3. will lucky get sam round to not covet/envying the glittering curves of the axa lookalike (oooh, see saaqi video)... since a good man is a good man, regardless of where he is said to cum from

22 March, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good man, that is, no more no less

22 March, 2005  
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