Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Telly Tamasha

It's been ages since I wrote a Telly Tamasha, so here's a long overdue installment.

> Spent the weekend surfing endlessly. Caught Koffee With Karan with brothers-in-arms Fardeen and Zayed Khan, who were both honest, suave, cool and amazingly sexy. Fardeen, especially, speaks very well and has this cultivated sexiness about him. He also understands where he's coming from "if you put me in the role of a village ina film I'd look like Jadoo" he said! Zayed rested rumours that he and Esha Deol were seeing each other and insisted his only love is girlfriend Mallika (which he pronounces as Malaika).

> Saw Main Hoon Na on Star Plus and have to agree with TOI film critic Nikhat Kazmi that Sushmita Sen is one of India's most underrated actresses. Not because she's sexy in a sari or any such thing; she's spontaneous, acts from the heart and looks good. Potent combination.

> MTV Immies this year (telecast on MTV on Sunday at 8 p.m.) was a let-down. For one, it lacked the stars who attended last year's IMMIES in large numbers. Most of the winners were not there to collect their prizes; the only visible stars were the performers and those who were giving out the awards. The secret was let out by Sonali Bendre who was on stage with Darius to give out an award for Best Music Film Album (Main Hoon Na). 'Farah is not here, it's her wedding reception tonight'. bendre might have added ' and that's why the rest of Bollywood is not here either'. Surprisingly Zayed (and Fardeen) were there. Zayed, having worked with farah in Main... should have been at her reception instead, I think. The saving grace of the show (the spooky theme was quite wasted, Fardeen's face was painted in such a way you could barely recognise him; they may as well have had any dancer and called him Fardeen) was the performance by Alanis Morissette. She was simply brilliant, especially since she sat on a high stooll, MTV Unplugged style and eschewed the high-voltage atmosphere for some simple heart-rending msuic. She even sang some of her numbers set to a slower tempo, accompanied by a sole guitarist.

> The show clashed with the Ayur Mrs World (there are two now; one is the Gladrags one and this is the other one) and sicne a very close friend was part of the backstage crew (makeup) she had been giving me dope on the contestants, who looks how without makeup, during my recent trip to Mumbai, so I curiously watched the show. Oh God, what a lsoer I felt like. Not because these women were on the ramp and I was on the couch. But because they were all mothers, had fantastic bodies, and most were professionals, balancing carrers, kids, home and still had the zeal to participate in such a contest. Three or four of around 21 were doctors, one was a four-degree black belt in unarmed combat (I can't forget it) and some had written books too! My God!

> Watched a BBC documentary yesterday at the Council called Harry Potter and Me; it's JK Rowling's first-ever proper interview where she clears the air, rests some myths, tells us how terrified she was, a penniless, single mom believing in herself and her book and her created world of Harry Potter. She visited on camera the houses and cafes where she wrote, the school she went to.... very inspiring and engrossing. Watch it on BBC on Christmas Day.


Blogger Jabberwock said...

"simple heart-rending msuic"? You mean music, surely? Or did you mean muzak, the term Lennon used to describe McCartney's jingles after they split?
Ms Morissette can be ear-rending on occasion but yes, she's quite bearable when in MTV Unplugged mode. (Or is that just me getting old?)

22 December, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

1. Yeah, you can say that again ("been ages").

2. Charmed. Farzeen's lucky, I guess, to be granted so much free space... but is all this freedom a figment of a wishful celluloid imagination-----or is it based on a reliable analysis of market dynamics?

3. High stooll, high seat etc... maybe the basic idea is to see everything, in part or whole, light or dark.

4. Mrs World contests etc. No glorification (and thus ranking) of people on arbitrary parameters needs be taken with anything more than a shrug and a chuckle... so maybe being a lsoer here is a good thing, even if some of these rank-tag seekers ("Hi, I'm Mrs World # 262") have written alleged 'books' in their idle time.

22 December, 2004  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Literature is literature, whether it is termed highbrow, lowbrow or boxed away as chicklit/c-lit whatever... the point is, it's gotta achieve something.

Potter, I contend, is literature.

JK Rowling's success is all about an inversion of stereotype ("undemonisation"). Of course, there's a context to it, as rationalist historians will tell you. Old scribbles from unenlightened mediterranean europe make references to large black robes as a sinister cloak for the rumoured "witch nipple" of the netherworld designed for purposes all too incomprehensible beyond the menace they were accused of posing to socially ordained gender relations (a neverending battle).

22 December, 2005  

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