Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Why am I not blogging?

Why am I not blogging? Why are all my blogs of late starting with a question? Why am I going from one question to another? Why is the answer to most questions 'I don't know'. Why can't I rave and rant like I really want to? Why have I made the blog public? Why didn't I just keep it to myself so I could write what I really wanted? Why am I not able to write a confessional like others can?
I don't know.

You have nothing to say
Winter changes to spring
The calendar moves a month

You have nothing to say

you stay rooted, fixed to the spot
why can't i move the spot, travel the hemisphere
why is why the most indefinite word ever

you have nothing to say

you try to write
express, string letters into a cohesive sentence
but the mind travels, darts back and forth, compels you to stop thinking

you have nothing to say

why do you need to say
words, speech, why are these important
the dialogue continues
in your head
where it should

sometimes, you should have nothing to say


Blogger Gamesmaster G9 said...

And sometimes, you should just say nothing anyway. Makes people take more notice when you do say something.

Like now.

24 February, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

"Why am I not blogging?"

GSB, can't be the same reason again...

... can it?

Gamemaster g9: nice strategic thought, that. Sometimes, though, it is very important to say something. Just to indicate that you ARE thinking ten moves ahead, even if quietly.

24 May, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

"Why am I not blogging?"

Can only guess...!?

But a blog offers a terrific creative challenge in innovative self expression.

It is art. Excruciating. Excruciatingly free.

20 June, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Just read... is the "creative cornerstone" mainly in the context of sensing how the "unrelated" can be related. A mindblowing art in itself. And "read" is to be taken in its widest/deepest sense of cognition too.

Take "originalility" & "relevance". These two are unrelated, but if you think hard enough, they are.

Whichever diamond cut I look at, your Just blog rocks.

22 June, 2005  

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