Tuesday, April 19, 2005

love, lust...

OK everyone. This is a very very immature and childish representation of something I wrote in school. I was this agony aunt back then, still am I think, and this was a parcha I wrote.
Someone asked me to share it today and I quickly rewrote the gist. so it's not written properly, but it's fun. Please feel free to disagree, add etc

It's the definition of infatuation, crush, love and lust and the difference in the four states...

> infatuation is the first stage - it's more like mild lust. you are attracted to the person, in awe of them, more fantasy. you know like in a trance, you are just infatuated by them but don't really think of following it up with action. like with a celeb
> crush is when the person is more in year league, in your vicinity. not so much lust but mild stirrings of love. you find them cute, like their actions, they are not fairy tale and totally out of your world. they exist in your world, you can see them, talk to them. you want to talk more see more, and maybe think of like holding hands kind of thing
> a crush often develops into a relationship
> but infatuation taken too seriously can become an obsession
> also both are temporary states of being, they cause exhilaration and raise the spirits and the blood pressure. but none last too long
> but then the serious ones. lust
complete and absolutely carnal. you don't even want to or need to go into what they do, where they live, do you think you can meet, go on a date, none of that. it is completely unreasonable and is extreme attraction. and when you are 'in love' with a person it is love cum lust. but when you just love a person it can be without lust
> love. not the pehli baar dekha. love at first sight is only lust at first sight. love has to take time to grow because you love a person in their entirety, and in fact forget loving them for their physical attributes plus others, sometimes you don't even notice the physical attributes. they come into play, or into your notice only later. you are actually almost blind to their faults, their physical shortcomings, and many times the physical aspect or the sexuality is a manifestation of the love, the emotional quotient.
> lust can't survive without lust and the minute the physical attraction weakens the relationship is over. but love can survive without all of these. that's why you can survive on love and fresh air but not lust and fresh air


Anonymous hans said...

No comments yet? writer-in-eggstyle has no vague observation to make about love and lust?

21 April, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Lumpin lumpfakirs… !

Lust and Love…. Amazing how the two serious states sound so much in consonance.

According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, MRI brain scans show that Lust is basically an androgen/estrogen buzz, Love is a dopamine buzz (as is the ‘Love cum Lust’ blur) and attachment is an oxytocin buzz (tho’ an orgasm gives an oxy-gush too).

As culturally ordained, you must frown on Lust, celebrate hetero-mono Love, and resist any premature “first sight” blurring of the two.

Well. In theory, just getting from pyaar to ikraar could take---who knows---a thousand years!! Y’know, from that first force of ‘magical’ magnetism to the point of no-turning-back, and on and on, to that one big crowning org.

Yet, it doesn’t just happen on its own. For a mutually assured destiny, minds need to rock.

Therefore: open dialogue. Or have we humans become utterly helpless “prisoners of our own device”?

22 April, 2005  
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27 April, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Fresh air n musical notes, actually, none too strange to this part of the world.

Bob's angst of "I...I w k out on my own..." or even "nature neither honours nor forgives" transphones so peacefully to Rabbi's fortful "dil vich jo raaz si" and "ankhaan khuliyaa" as Sir said t'would.

28 April, 2005  
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