Wednesday, April 06, 2005


OK. I am not dead; just resting. Resting my thoughts. First, replied to some comments on the blog. Whoever wanted to know about Abhishek Bachchan...ummm I don't know if he's the 'helping type' star, but yes he was polite, well mannered, and gave stacatto boring answers just like his dad used to (in the TV interview he was giving). He spoke about how he was almost happy being in his father's shadow and how he knew he could never get out of it so might as well enjoy it and revel in it. But hey, I wanted to tell him, that's professionally, please don't remain in his personal shadow as well, speaking like him, giving the same answers, coming across as this propah guy. You're young man, you're just about tasting success after some 19 flops (his words), you've lost weight, you carry yourself well, you've got a high drool factor, so loosen up. Chill out a bit, have fun.
As for Anurag Kashyap; demonizer! Why would you think that? Is that his reputation? To me whatever little I know him and have interacted with him, he's a guy with a lot of passion for his work. It's not really the best of times for him, but he can't see himself doing anything else so he will stay, and write, and film, and create... and in his case, fight. Till his film sees the light of day. Correction: till his films see the light of day. Both Paanch and Black Friday are currently in the cans, waiting to tell their story. It's been 6 years. Some patience, huh.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...


Tis good. Wielded well, it can rattle walls and knock down divisions.

You see, a lot of it is all "in the head" (to quote delores o'riordan).

Intrigued by violence, Tel Aviv Univ researchers did a study on the human brain's Lateral Occipetal Cortex once, amongst subjects who had undergone intense trauma, and found that subsequent audio-visual experiences of graphic gore tended to harden any trace of recessed rage, while mellifluous influences softened the mind to peacefully productive ideas/thoughts.

Lateral Occipital Cortex: harden or soften?


Tis good too.

07 April, 2005  
Anonymous watchman said...

people in that line are on the side of peace and love. it is not a closed market. if anyone is on the side of war and hate, it cannot sustain. also, i think people do change so the direction of change is the issue

08 April, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AB jr's fine performance in the musical debate with India's own pretty face Aishwarya Rai (in Kuchh Na Kaho) makes up for any boredom he subjects viewers to

11 April, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, let me just add, some people credit the 19th success (Dhoom) to ripplebody Abraham more than AB jr. also, for mula of racetrack plus soundtrack
would AB sr give unbiased patriarchal opinion on this? he won't have tsunami-setting quotes for sure, but wisdom calls for looking at it from all viewpoints. just getting to the peaceful side of 67 can clear the mind

11 April, 2005  

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