Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wire free? an ode to my cell, obit rather

I lost my cellphone two weeks ago. Left it in a cab. It was depressing. I was joking about selling it, in a friend's drawing room, when I realised I hadn't heard its reassuring ringtone in a while. Neither had it beeped a message. Tried calling, it rang initially, then became unavailable, I wonder what the kidnapper did to the poor thing, it was just four months old.
I went into a state of mourning. Why is mourning only expressed for humans? Everyone urged me to buy a new phone, immediately. I couldn't. I honestly couldn't. Can you break up, that too abruptly, and jump into a new relationship in a day? Especially when it's something that's so close to you? It's practically the only thing that remains with you 24x7, you change your clothes your shoes your bag mayb even your watch but you don't change your phone every other day.
It means so much. It's the repository of relationships in today's wolrd. After Prasoon Joshi articulated in his Nokia radio ad years ago that the cellphone is the means to keep in touch with those you love, the cell has really become the only way to say you care. People propose, dispose and do evwrything over it. It is a mental diary. I don't even bother to register numbers in my head anymore. It's actually cleared space in my head by taking care of remembering what I don't need to clutter my brain with. It's also privy to almost everything important or significant in my life. From a simple 'I love you' to negotiating a job offer to counselling someone on a bad relationship, no one apart from me and my cell are in on it. So how can I replace it in half a day, especially when I haven't had closure in the relationship? I just left it in a cab, it's gnawing at me, the guilt, how could I forget my precious phone?
Am I losing it, you're wondering? I wondered too, so I went out and bought myself a new one.
But honestly, it's amazing and ironical, that technology, which was really a means to get poeple closer is now very successful in doing just the opposite. I'm sitting alone in the drawing room, at 1 am writing on the laptop. Shouldn't I be tucked away in bed, maybe holding his hand, having real conversation, or sleeping? The cellphone, the precise instrument that is supposed to erase geograpohical boundaries and rid you of the bondage of wires has become precisely that. A bondage. It won't let you enjoy a dinner in peace, it can't let you lose yoursef without being traced. And when you're in a crowded room and the insecurity of saying hi to a stranger eats away, it lets you stare into its lit screen and pretend you've got a life, a life that's more interesting than the place you're in. It lets you cut off from the real world.
Wired, that's what we are, not wi-fi. And never wireless.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Hang on, hang on, hang on…

… the fastest way to lose your freedom is to anthropomorphize (bestow human form on) your cellphone. Let me explain. The folly in this is that you value the medium instead of the message, the visible instead of the relationship, and end up taking the artificial for the real, thus enslaving your mind to Nokia (or some software illusion-maker).

Good you snapped outta it.

Yeah, sure it’s intimate. But intimacy is intimacy, whatever the tech intermediary, whatever the gizmo model. Prasoon Joshi wrote a marvelous ad. But emotion, even he is clear, is tech independent. In all this, tech is not as big a factor as you’d like to think. Tech merely enables the expression of something innately human. Prasoon, by the way, also wrote a marvelous song for a film called ‘aankhen’ giving the term ‘gustaakhiyaan’ an upbeat dose of adrenalin.

06 May, 2005  
Blogger HisHighness said...

I cry every time I lose a pen, And then I go to my priest and ask for his forgiveness, but before he can call the cops to come take me to a nut farm I run away.

You know my doctor gives me medication to fix that porblem but I DON'T TAKE IT!

Liberal For Life

24 May, 2005  
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