Thursday, August 18, 2005

a brush with God

I had a brush with God today. I am so sure of it. We were at this old and beautiful catehdral at Lichfield in England, and we arrived at 6.30 because we lost our way a bit and the doors had shut at 6.So we admired the architecture and sat down on the grass for a bit, and there she was. Just there. Right in my face. A little girl, with peaches and cream skin, short hair, a fringe, brown eyes, and for a second my heart stopped beating. She didn't say a word, she just stared at me, and smiled. Iasked her her name, she said Wila, I didn't quite get it. Her brother then came up and introduced hismelf as her step brother and said he's shocked because she never goes up to anyone had hardly talks, she's three years old. By now Willow, that's her name, is lying down on the grass in exactly the same way as I am, in an effort to imitate me. Her brotehr says it's really uncanny and then talks about how children recognise good people instantly. We give her chocolate, my aunt gives her a rupee for her money box and she won't leave. Her brother Steven tells us he's here from Birmingham and asks if I'm Indian and here on holiday. Meanwhile Willow's got chocolate all over her face so I help her wipe it off. The connection is just unmissable and everyone remarks that she and I must go back somewhere. I tell them she's God. Since we came to the cathedral but the doors were shut and we couldn't meet God, He decided to come out and meet us, or at least send one of his angels. Willow is then taken away and she keeps looking back and waving. I'm still a bit spooked, a bit happy and I'm sure there has to be an explanation for why a quiet and shy child who never talks to people she knows, let alone strangers, would come running up to me and just look me in the eye and stare at tme and not want to leave me in two minutes of knowing me.
it's just really weird.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird, but beautiful. Something to cherish for the rest of your life. Thanks for this, I'm smiling.

18 August, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird, but beautiful. Something to cherish for the rest of your life. Thanks for this, I'm smiling.

18 August, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Aw-gee, "He decided to..."

"He"?? Is that, by way of the particular word conceived, meant to be "She" (assuming we's sure of what "is" means)? ha ha, jus kiddin'

Weird? You bet. Unmissable. You need a soundtrack to this blog. An Opus, y'know... as in "Live is Life" an opus anthem from boarding schooldays, those days of innocence, philosophical "is" confusion, and hmmmmm godiva chocolates

18 August, 2005  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

By the way, saw a BBC travel 360 degree view of the Cathedral's interior (online)... the arches are really nice, and the window-view too.

18 August, 2005  
Anonymous ppm said...

that's what my mom says too.
She adds dogs to the equation though. dogs and kids can see the good in you.
good for you...
so the trans-national blog has gone to London :)
I am in the good old US of A. Northwest.
If you happen to turn up here, let me know.
Take care and have a wonderful time.

19 August, 2005  
Anonymous spagheti-strapped said...

two minutes? that's only enough time to cook up noodles

26 August, 2005  
Anonymous over-whelm said...

"Chew, don't swallow" they say (unless pretzels). This is something the 8-year-olds of Toad Hall learn even before they discover comics and other wonders of innocence (and Axa), which they stuff in their stockings and take along to the next hostel, White House (the white arch over the gravel imagery is so so vivid).

26 August, 2005  
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