Monday, April 24, 2006

A long break

I've been gone a while, nearly three months. My last post was Jan 30, as I just noticed looking into my blog. Before logging into mine, I decided to peek into some other blogs I used to read and unfortunately, none of them have really changed. They're just the same old boring crap, OK not all but some. You read one post, you've read them all. It's like a Hindi movie. Walk out and come back after two hours and you'll still know what's happened.
So though it seems that nothing much has changed in these three months, a lot in my life has changed actually, precisely why I've been sort of away. I'm pregnant so I guess that would be the biggest change and reason. Some days you're like all bright, with energy oozing from everywhere, and then some days you're just sloppy and dull and you don't want to do anything. Combine that with having to look for another flat and move out in one month flat -- the landlord was moving back into town and his wife was 9 months pregnant -- and you get the picture. Plus, house guests, yes in a Mumbai 2BHK, for a month straight, and in the middle of that, a three-day tiring trip to Bangkok.
So blog, I am sorry for neglecting you but hey there's been too much on my mind.
Now that I have shifted and am sort of OK, barring the lovely fall I had in the loo the other day and the tetanus injection that I am dreading next week (the two not being connected) I will get back to blogging. Thanks to those of you who've been commenting on my blogs in this absence, though.
> Evenstar: I am back
> The crazy business analyst who loves Mumbai: I'm not there yet
> The one who wants to quit to spend time with her son: Do it. This time will never, ever come back.
> J, I don't particularly like any of the cola ads. The Ash one leaves me thanda simply because she leaves me thanda anyway and the SRK with Kareena and Priyanka ads are so stupid. Neither are they insightful nor fun nor funny. This whole concept of Pepsi TV is so stupid. Just because SRK claims to wake up every morning and drink Pepsi instead of water, are we going to have Pepsi breakfasts and Pepsi mornings etc?
The ad I like is the Times of India Prakash Mirajkar selected. I think it's a fab ad because they have got the cast right, especially the old man. Everything, from his reflexes, to his saving up the newspaper cuttings to his breaking out into a slow dance, to his own tune, it is really insightful because that's exactly how old people behave. I think they've just got it right.
As for other ads, the Fevicol rural ad with the truant kid who keeps running off till the mother finally perches him on an empty Fevicol plastic can is funny the first time round. The background score is what makes the ad good, but I think Fevicol has really stretched the basic premise and needs to do something different.
Honestly, haven't really seen anything on TV for a while that's really made me sit up. Abhishek Bachchan for LG is also nothing great, neither was Ford. Considering they roped in the guy who was suddenly so hot and was making his debut into ads, Ford could have really done something better. Even Chevrolet Aveo with Saif and Rani is so ho-hum.
TV is also pathetic. Am I cribby, maybe, but it's not because I'm pregnant I swear. Indian Idol 2 was nowhere near the first one and everyone knew Sandeep Acharya who is far worse than Karunya would win, even though there was really no competition, Karunya being far, far more talented. I think Karunya is in fact even better than Abhijeet (who has really beefed up by the way) but at least last year there was some competition. This year was pathetic. The judges can cry themselves hoarse about how we should pick talent but voters never seem to agree. Don't Sony, Farah and Anu follow elections?
Even Star Plus doesn't have anything exciting on air. Star One's Laughter Challenge 2 is exactly the same format as earlier, let's see if their new show Heartbeat surprises. The last really good show they had was Nach Baliye. As for Zee, I followed their Challenge 2005 very closely but I haven't followed their Ek Main Aur Ek Tu at all. Their Business Baazigar was a show I had been eagerly awaiting but again I haven't followed it very seriously. I still feel a Vijay Mallya as Donald Trump would be far more exciting. He's the only guy who can do it in India, who has the flamboyance and the money. And I know Zee's show is not about the job but about getting money to fund their business, but it is similar in every other way (the tasks etc) and frankly, Zee's Subhash Chandra is just not in the Trump mould.
Enough random musings I guess. On an end note I'd like to say that I really feel for Sabrina Lal. Her entire life has been turned around forever because of that one fateful evening in Tamarind Court. First she lost her sister Jessica, then her mother May and now her father Ajit. If she ever decides to write a book, I'd be one of the first in line to read it.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

"Long break"... you kidding? In Internet time, that's like moving from blobs in the sea to veterbrae species -- a few aeons.

Anyhow, welcome back, cheer up and blog on.

Speaking of species and propogation of species and related aches, try palm-heel-pressure on your lowest vertebrae. You'll feel better.

25 April, 2006  
Blogger Vishnupriya said...

ouch! sympathies for everything.

26 April, 2006  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

On advertising, by the way: Mirajkar - they could've done better on the fact/fiction blur-up. Though, yeah, the goings-on inside a nice old veteran-of-his-times' ageing head would evoke empathetic feelings in any compassionate culture (even at the risk of letting the tale of twilight-triumph slip into Campbell soup zone).

26 April, 2006  
Blogger eM said...

Yay, GSB for pitter-patter of little feet :) Guess you've changed your mind about kids now! I suddenly feel so old.

02 May, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another "long break" GSB?

23 May, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12 June, 2006  

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