Thursday, May 25, 2006

a quick one

Too much going on so this is just a quick blog.
> JWT, sorry the Appy Fizz adds don't do anything for me. I know the adfilmmakers have tried to position it as this cool drink to hang out with, since drinks -- alcoholic or otherwise -- are an integral part of any hangin' out, but a ginat sized plastic inflatable balloon as cool? Sorry. It just reminds me of those punching toys that kids play with. The kind you box and they just bob right back. If you must know, my 11-year-old nephew asked me about the ad this morning, which is why I remembered that you'd asked my opinion on this ad. Well, he likes the ad. So if that's the target audience Appy Fizz was looking for, then I guess they're fine!
> The ad that did catch my attention the other day was the new Reebok DMX ad, posters of which were plastered all across the wall opposite Juhu beach. It just has the picture of a road, shot in this orange twilight kind of effect, and it says 'The road is free. Run'. The next one says 'The road is open 24/7. Run'. Loved both ads. of course in Mumbai the road is not free, because it's potholed. But yeah I know what they mean. What does it really take to exercise? You don't need a gym, you don't need to pay fancy fees at Gold's or Ozone or whatever, you just need to put on those shoes and get out there. I even thought of the marathon. But despite Mumbai not being a very run-able city, cool ads all the same. I wanted to get out of the car and run!
> Not seen any exciting ads on TV recently, because I've hardly been watching any TV. Will do so soon and be back with more observations.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Aamir Coke ad

Put your hands up everyone, who liked the Aamir Khan Coke ad. I didn't. It was just about OK. I think the ad had the potential to be done much better. It wasn't even funny. His earlier ads like the Hyderabadi tapori act, even the Yaaran da Tashan and the Chhota Coke ads have been far more entertaining, with a strong message. This ad seems to have got lost in the Japanese look. Agreed we are a country notorious for fleecing our foreign tourists. read any visitor's blog on India and they willt ell you what an assault it is on their sensibilities to land and be accosted by 'taxi madam', 'You want room madam' etc but this time Prasoon Joshi hasn't managed to weave that in plus drive home the thanda + pakoda equation. Maybe they were trying to achieve too much in one ad, by going along with the different look for each ad plus drivign home the message.
Of all the soft drink ads, I like the Mallika Sherawat one the best minus her irritating Fydo, instead of Fido. But she manages to make the ad fun and her voice has the right expression and tone. I thought it was a cool concept and well executed. So my vote goes to 7Up.
It's another matter that I don't drink any of these soft drinks and the one I really liked didn't take off in India, Canada Dry.
PS: I really liked the Aamir and Zohra Sehgal Titan ad. The lady is just so lively with a glint in her eye even at this age, you can't help but smile at the ad with Aamir trying to force her to get married. For those fo you who haven't seen it, Aamir is reading from the matrimonial section and selecting a groom for his dadi, played by Sehgal. She is of course declining all offers, in a playful manner, and even allows herself a minute of sentimentality until her grandson drops the bomb: if she won't agree he won't give her the wedding present he's brought for her. At once the old lady's eyes spark up and she sees it is a Titan and immediately agrees to the wedding. The ad ends with Aamir landing a kiss atop her head. Very cute.