Monday, May 01, 2006

Aamir Coke ad

Put your hands up everyone, who liked the Aamir Khan Coke ad. I didn't. It was just about OK. I think the ad had the potential to be done much better. It wasn't even funny. His earlier ads like the Hyderabadi tapori act, even the Yaaran da Tashan and the Chhota Coke ads have been far more entertaining, with a strong message. This ad seems to have got lost in the Japanese look. Agreed we are a country notorious for fleecing our foreign tourists. read any visitor's blog on India and they willt ell you what an assault it is on their sensibilities to land and be accosted by 'taxi madam', 'You want room madam' etc but this time Prasoon Joshi hasn't managed to weave that in plus drive home the thanda + pakoda equation. Maybe they were trying to achieve too much in one ad, by going along with the different look for each ad plus drivign home the message.
Of all the soft drink ads, I like the Mallika Sherawat one the best minus her irritating Fydo, instead of Fido. But she manages to make the ad fun and her voice has the right expression and tone. I thought it was a cool concept and well executed. So my vote goes to 7Up.
It's another matter that I don't drink any of these soft drinks and the one I really liked didn't take off in India, Canada Dry.
PS: I really liked the Aamir and Zohra Sehgal Titan ad. The lady is just so lively with a glint in her eye even at this age, you can't help but smile at the ad with Aamir trying to force her to get married. For those fo you who haven't seen it, Aamir is reading from the matrimonial section and selecting a groom for his dadi, played by Sehgal. She is of course declining all offers, in a playful manner, and even allows herself a minute of sentimentality until her grandson drops the bomb: if she won't agree he won't give her the wedding present he's brought for her. At once the old lady's eyes spark up and she sees it is a Titan and immediately agrees to the wedding. The ad ends with Aamir landing a kiss atop her head. Very cute.


Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Yup, 7-Up has sure hit the tube's "refresh" button this time round. The ad is bang on-message ("andaaz...") while playing with wry wit on the medium (the curvy bottle) as the flight of fantasy. Cool !!

As for that red-wrapped fizzy, Coca-Cola, guess it could've done more with bees (making inchoate suggestions here'd be like trying to tailpin jelly) to get the hero red-faced n puffy. As for the eat/drink part of the clip... BTW, in Bengali, eat/drink have the same word, "khaabo" (smoke, too-- maybe why tobacco leaves in the east have gastronomic names like honey dew). The ad's shot by Pradeep Sarkar.

Dunno if it's the colour treatment or what, haven't had a relaxed-nuff watch yet, it sorta reminds me of some riverboat scene from old days.

03 May, 2006  
Anonymous JWT said...

agree 7up. appy fizz cool too (notice the detailing) what say?

05 May, 2006  
Anonymous Tongue colour said...

I wholeheartedly add my nod to writer-in-exile's opinion. Also agree that Fido is better as "feedo". About JWT's compliment fishing for Appy, the Stones T is neat but are you playing Satisfaction era Stones or Visions of Paradise era chess?

09 May, 2006  
Blogger writer-in-egg-style said...

Titan's Aamir-Zohra ad gets away from the red-ribbon-unwrap imagery so so very effectively, and without letting go of the basic gift-occasion theme. The signoff line has the wordcraftsmanship of a master... strategic, memorable, evocative

13 May, 2006  

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